Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Battle Royale Games You Should Play

The battle royale genre's popularity has seen video game publishers rush to get a sweet slice of that multiplayer pie. As a result, many battle royale games—or modes attached to other games—have emerged. You can't play them all. You shouldn't play them all, as some are hot garbage and some lack the polish found in the competition.
Instead, bring your skills to a battle royale game that's of known quality and has a strong player base so you can jump into a skirmish at any time. The games listed below will do you good.
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If you're ready to begin, check out these excellent battle royale games.
The free-to-play Apex Legends, which is set in the Titanfall universe, combines intense battle royale action with Overwatch-flavored characters. In fact, each of the playable characters has his or her own skill sets, unlike PUBG or Fornite's characters. As a result, certain characters are better suited for adopting the Defense, Offense, Recon, and Support roles.

Apex Legends also differentiates itself from Fortnite and PUBG with its focus on three-person, squad-based gameplay. Thankfully, the game's ingenious Ping communication tool lets you communicate with teammates and eliminates the need for voice chat. That is a technological godsend, because who wants to speak with online strangers?

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