Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mac Charger Not Working? Check your display

If you're using a desktop Mac, it could be a problem with your display, rather than the Mac itself. Have a listen to your Mac to see if it's making any sounds during bootup.
It is possible that your Mac does turn on, but doesn't boot up because it can't access the display - if that's the case you are most likely having trouble with the display hardware (rather than a broader startup issue).

If you think it's a problem with your monitor, then take a look at this Apple Support document for advice on troubleshooting a non-working display. Apple advises that you:
  • Check the power supply to the Mac (and the power to the display if using a separate unit).
  • Confirm that all cables are connected securely.
  • Check that the monitor is compatible with your Mac.
  • Remove all display extenders and switches, and any other devices between the Mac and monitor.
  • Unplug the video cable (if using a separate monitor) and plug it back in.
  • If using more than one monitor in a 'daisy chain', unplug all monitors and test using just one.

How to completely uninstall Java from your Mac

Java plugin is known to have conflict issues with many apps. Re-installing it helps to get some Mac’s services back to working. But completely removing Java might seem a bit harder than uninstalling normal apps. However, it’s not rocket science. With a few clicks and double-clicks, you’ll be ready to enjoy more space and more speed from your Mac, free from the clutter. Space you can, of course, use to install another Java version if you please. 
So here’s how to completely delete Java. Remove one directory and one file (a symlink), as follows:

  1. Click on the Finder icon located in your dock
  2. Click on the Utilities folder
  3. Double-click on the Terminal icon
  4. In the Terminal window Copy and Paste the commands below:
    • sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
    • sudo rm -fr /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefPane
    • sudo rm -fr ~/Library/Application\ Support/Java

Monday, February 25, 2019

The best ways to format an external drive for Windows and Mac

If you need to expand your storage space with an external hard drive and you use both Mac and PC, you'll likely run into a few obstacles. Hard drives advertised as being compatible with Windows and Mac OS may have misled you into thinking you could actually use one hard drive for both computers.
You can, but not out of the box.

Most external hard drives (HD) are sold in a format called NTFS, which is designed to work with Windows. Macs read and write to a different format, called HFS+. Another format, called FAT32 is compatible with both OS platforms. Here's a look at how the different HD format types function:
FAT32 (File Allocation Table)
- Natively read/write FAT32 on Windows and Mac OS X.
- Maximum file size: 4GB
- Maximum volume size: 2TB
NTFS (Windows NT File System)
- Natively read/write NTFS on Windows. - Read-only NTFS on Mac OS X
- Native NTFS support can be enabled in Snow Leopard and above but has proven instable.
- Maximum file size: 16 TB
- Maximum volume size: 256TB

How To Take A Screenshot On Mac?

We're visual communicators. And like your writing, your visual communication needs to be clear, concise, and to-the-point. Screenshot tools let you do that with your digital life. You might photograph something to remember or share it—and you'll screenshot for the same reason. Screenshots are the simplest way to share your screen with anyone, anywhere. Whether it's a cute Facebook photo, a tricky bug, or a quickly-deleted Tweet from a politician, everyone has reasons to take screenshots.

But you still need to take quality screenshots—especially if you're using them at work, or for your customers. Here are some quick tips on grabbing superior screenshots. Then, we'll dive into the nuts and bolts. Screenshots are more than just pictures of software—they're pictures of your workspace, with all the info you might see right now. That's why you shouldn't just snap a random screenshot. Think carefully about what's on your screen and why you're shooting it, to make sure your screenshots are perfect for their intended purpose. Here are a few pointers.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Windows 10: How to create a System Restore

Though the feature is turned off by default, Windows 10 can actuallycreate checkpoints automatically if you’re not confident that you’ll remember to do it yourself. This is mostly helpful for Windows users who frequently encounter bugs or faulty configurations as a result of updates or radical system changes.
Note: This guide will be focused on Windows 10, but the process we walk you through will be practically identical on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Before you jump in and enable System Restore settings, it would be wise to first check whether automatic System Restore Points are already enabled on your computer. Here’s how to do precisely that.
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Install something you immediately regret? Wishing you could travel back in time a just a couple days, or even a couple hours? Windows 10 lets you do that with the System Restore feature.
Using a System Restore is like going back to a save point in a video game – this safety net feature is designed so that if everything suddenly goes wrong after a program install, update, changes in registry, settings, applications, drivers or system files, you’ve got a way to revert back to that place and time where things were working smoothly. It’s incredibly handy, can manually pull the plug on a number of frustrating alterations that you’re not sure how landed there in the first place.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

How To Update Drivers in Windows 7 and 8 Automatically

This window contains icons that represent the devices you have connected to your computer. The devices that are displayed here include your monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, external storage disks, and just about every other peripheral.

Locate the icon here that represents your computer. Note that the name of your computer here is not My Computer as you might expect. Instead, it is the actual individual name of your computer as it might appear on a network.
If you don’t know the name of your computer, click on Start, right click on My Computer, and choose Properties. Look for a variable named Computer Name and take note of the name of your computer to the right
Go back to the Devices and Printers window and locate the icon with your computer’s name under it. Right click on that icon and choose Device Installation Settings.

Bangalore : Apex Legends Best Characters

  • Role: Professional Soldier
  • Passive Ability: Double Time
    • Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.
  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher (25s cooldown)
    • Fire a high velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder
    • Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.
Bangalore is actually less of a damage-dealing tank than you might expect, though her abilities give her some excellent support and utility power, and she can slot into any team without too much effort. Her Double Time passive is just really nice to have, allowing you to escape further damage that much quicker; and you can synergise this with a well-timed Smoke Launcher shot to quickly flank an enemy or escape from a difficult position.
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Her ultimate is another slow-use and situational area-of-effect power which requires you to deploy a beacon at surprisingly close range in order for it to occur, which limits its utility. But if correctly placed it can deal significant damage to a turtled-up enemy team, forcing them to abandon their cover and flush them out into the open.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Apex Legends map: loot tiers for every location

Apex Legends' map doesn't work like other battle royale games. Each location has a set loot tier, meaning it is more likely to produce high-tier, mid-tier, or low-tier loot in floor drops and in chests. While everyone has their favorite drop locations in Apex Legends, mastering the map depends more on securing and area with great loot and little competition. 

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These are the best source of gear during a match and can contain anything from armor or ammo to weapons and specialty items. The crates with the best loot in them can usually be found in what's known as the Hot Zone when starting a match.
Run to the base of the "balloon" and ride the zipline straight up all the way to the top, facing the direction you want to move. You'll launch off the top of the tower and re-activate your launch jets - just be sure not to jump off before you hit the top or you'll fall back to the ground.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Apex Legends : How To Get Apex Coins, Legends Tokens & Crafting Materials

Finally, players can also unlock new items using Crafting Metals. These can be exchanged for weapons skins inside the Armory, but currently the only way to get your hands on them is inside Apex Packs.

Respawn have released the expected drop rate for the rarity level of items that can be found inside them, with players having a 100% chance of finding at least one rare item inside.
For those planning on buying Apex Packs but worried about getting the same item multiple times, Respawn have confirmed that Apex Packs have duplicate protection, meaning that once you have unlocked an item, you won’t receive it from an Apex Pack again.

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Get Unlimited Peak Coins with the Apex Legends Hacks available for all devices. Following the Apex Legends gameplay, you'll have to browse and collect the weapons throughout the map. It doesn't matter in which part of the map, you ought to discover a minimum of, fundamental rifles neighboring your landing point. You need to stay in the Pinnacle Legends play zone and begin killing your opponents. It does not matter what techniques you want to use in the gameplay, however concealing will not make you a winner. In reality, being a last male standing needs progressive trial-and-error experiences as well as good acknowledgment on the map, supplies, and landscape.
The space in Pinnacle Legends Coins generator hacking technology is so apparent that we typically overlook the space in soft power. The impetuous network literature, Peak Coins hack of animals and ghosts, and low market taste all limit the growth of domestic games. Occasionally, Chen Xinghan's "Journey" and Liang Qiwei's "Rain and Blood" are incredibly scattered. After all, these are only individual works, and the entire domestic tour is spread. The opera still does not have a good commercial foundation.
Today, we have no concept how much cash Apex Legends is producing, so it's hard to state that gamers' vocal complaints about cost will have an impact on the game's making capacity. But it's safe to state that EA would not be bearing the expense for a free-to-play video game of this scale if it didn't have high hopes it could be a money-generator like Fortnite. That has a slim opportunity of happening unless some of these prices schemes alter, or in the unlikely occasion its fight pass is so effective it drifts the entire the video game.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Apex Legends : Listen, and Learn to Ping

The Legends (characters) also give great callouts. If someone spots an enemy (but doesn't ping) their character will still call them out, especially if they're being shot at! But be sure to learn how to ping. The Ping system is extremely useful for conveying information to your team without actually communicating over a microphone. You can quickly ping loot for your teammates, point out an enemy on the battlefield, decline an action, and even indicate that you are going to loot a specific area.

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You can also "call dibs" on items that other people ping out (just ping the item that's highlighted by another person). You can cancel all pings by pinging that spot again. Hidden randomly around King's Canyon, players will have the opportunity to find Supply Bins. These large white cylinder like bins, often contain many highly sought after items such as weapons, attachments, ammunition, and even armor. It is important to remember that you aren't the only one seeking out these highly desired bins. So if you do happen to find a supply bin, be sure to keep a close eye on your surroundings for any nearby teams.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Adaware Antivirus Free Review

If you’re using Windows operating system and you have a rough idea of what’s happening in the cybersecurity world, you must be knowing that your favorite computer isn’t safe from malware and other threats. Same applies to Android and macOS platforms. To protect you from threats, cybersecurity firms develop and release antivirus software. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most notable and best free antivirus options out there to help you make an informed decision.

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You might also ask the usefulness of the free antivirus software and their effectiveness. Well, let me tell you that many free scanners from the likes of Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast, etc., do a decent job when it comes to best free virus protection. It goes without saying that their paid counterparts offer some premium features and dedicated support. That’s why I’ve also added the links to some notable premium options as well. Do take a look and make sure that your devices are protected from threats in 2018

Friday, February 15, 2019

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 review

Avira Antivirus Pro isn't worth the price given how it doesn't differ from Avira Free, but the Avira Prime subscription with its recently lowered price makes it competitive with top suites from companies like McAfee and Symantec.

Avira Antivirus Pro is back with an updated version for 2019 that promises to take up a smaller chunk of your hard drive, as well as improve overall PC performance with fewer virus defintion files (VDFs) plugging up memory. The interface hasn’t really changed, however, and it’s still largely a no-nonsense suite with few extras.
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Antivirus Pro is well priced at $36 for a single device for new users—the standard price is about $48. For five devices you’ll pay $57 (for new users), with $72 being the standard price. That’s okay, but you can get far more value with premium suites like McAfee and Norton that charge around $100 to cover 10 devices. 
If extras are what you’re looking for in a premium A/V suite then Avira’s all-inclusive Avira Prime subscription is the product you’re looking for. It includes Antivirus Pro, identity protection, a system optimizer, third-party software updates, a password manager, and a VPN.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

AVG Antivirus Review

Regardless of what kind of device you use for web-surfing, playing, messaging, or working, reliable antivirus protection is an essential condition of your data security. It helps to prevent multiple problems, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Today, there are some top-notch antivirus products that are available at no money, i.e. for free.
For a basic level of protection for Windows, Mac, and Android devices, millions of users choose the free version of AVG. You can easily get one from the company’s official website, but once you install it, you will be constantly offered to upgrade. Are paid AVG solutions a good value for money, or should you stick to a free option? Read our review to find the answer.
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But before taking a closer look at what different versions of AVG can offer, let us just say a few words about the company behind the product. AVG company is mainly known as a developer and a supplier of free antivirus software. It entered the market in the early 1990s and soon its products became recognizable across Europe and the US. In 2016, AVG was purchased by its counterpart – Avast.
However, the two companies didn’t merge completely, as one could expect. Instead, each of them continues to supply its proprietary antivirus software. Though their products have much in common, they are still different. For example, Avast has more extras, including those that come for free, and its paid versions are more affordable. What can you get with AVG? You’ll find all the answers in the next section of our review. 

Choosing the Best Free Antivirus Software

There are many free antivirus options, but not all of them will make our list. That’s not a matter of list size or overall quality, but of function. Some antiviruses, such as Malwarebytes, don’t protect from threats in real-time. They’re used solely to remove malware already on your machine.

Those options are left out of this list. Our first criterion is that an antivirus scans your machine, but also provides real-time monitoring. Cybersecurity is about prevention, and the free options that scan your machine fall flat on that front.
Obviously, we’re looking at price. The antivirus must be free, not a trial or limited version of the paid software. We are also looking at upgrade paths, though. It’s expected that some features won’t be included with a free offering, so we want to see a logical way to purchase them.
Features matter, but not as much as some other areas. As long as an antivirus provides real-time protection and malware removal, we’re content. Extra features, such as the long list from AVG, get bonus points.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Review 2019: The Power of Minimalism

The fundamental question we’ll address in this article is whether the Bitdefender Free Antivirus is the ideal choice for you. Antivirus software come in numerous shapes and sizes, no doubt. Most antivirus giants provide free versions of their software as well, which adds to the complexity of the scenario: which antivirus software must you choose? Actually, if you look deeper, you’ll find each antivirus software caters to a different set of users. It fulfills varying requirements. It accomplishes specific requirements and addresses specific concerns. In this review, we’ll explore in detail the Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.

Bitdefender holds a big reputation in the antivirus industry. It has been one of the top scorers in antivirus independent lab tests, thanks to its ingenious design that combats the most deadly malware, which other antivirus software might have trouble dealing with. One of the best things we liked about this software is the minimalistic approach it takes to software design: be it the UI design, the scan options offered or the additional features inculcated within. But, the question is, is the Bitdefender Free Antivirus the right choice for you? Read on through this review to know the verdict!

Avast Free Antivirus Review 2019

Take a look at any rankings of big independent antivirus and Bitdefender's premium security products always rise to the top.
It tends to be reliable and accurate in its virus detecting, featuring web filtering to blocks access to malicious sites, a secure browser that keeps your online banking ans shopping transactions safe, and there's a password manager which auto-completes credit card details in web forms. It also scores high for its excellent anti-phishing module, which alerts you to malicious links in your search engine results and blocks access to dangerous sites.

New for the 2019 version of Antivirus Plus are multi-layer ransomeware protection that heuristically learns the behaviour of such threats to keep you safe as well as the ability to scan all your linked devices via the Bitdefender Central mobile app. 
There are one or two issues – it grabs more resources than average, and might conflict with some programs – but Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 is still a likeable package which offers excellent detection rates, great performance, and more than enough bonus features to justify the price.