Saturday, December 7, 2019

5 RPG Games You Should Try on your iPhone or iPad

The iOS application store has an extensive catalog of games and applications, both for iPhone and iPad. Among them are a good number of RPG titles or role-playing games that delight more than one, and today we bring you a selection with five of these games that can not be missing on your iPhone or iPad .

RPG or role-playing games like are those in which you have to control 10 Best Offline RPG Games For Android (2019-2020) one or more characters to progress through an epic adventure . In them you will have to fight against orcs, demons, ogres and other creatures that will cross your path.

To do this, you will have several elements such as weapons, armor and different skills that you can improve to get stronger against your enemies. So we do not entertain more and we will see several RPG games that we recommend trying on your iPhone or iPad, with which you can have a good time of fun.

5 fun role-playing games to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad!

Dungeon Soda

One of the most fun and addictive role-playing games you'll find in the App Store. Soda Dungeon is very easy to play and in it you will have to fight against groups of enemies in a turn-based mode, where you will fight with a boss in an epic battle every 10 levels . In return you can get new weapons, items, armor and the possibility of increasing the power of your heroes' powers.

Dash quest

This is a different role-playing game where you can find the perfect mix of fantasy action and endless run . Dash Quest is a retro game in which you will have to fight in epic battles against lots of enemies and you can also improve and personalize your character little by little. The operation is very simple, since it is based on tactile gestures.

The Greedy Cave

The main objective of this RPG game is to explore a cave full of bad guys and keep you alive inside it so as not to lose the loot you've been collecting . Another way in which you will lose all the treasure you have collected is if you decide to return back to the town, keeping only high quality items in the inventory.

The Last Vikings

This game also has a retro air and its main objective is to restore the ancient glory of the Vikings . You will have to assault and plunder villages to obtain resources and weapons, build ships and fight mythical creatures with great powers.

Extreme Jobs Kinght's Assistant

Last but not least, we have this game in which you will become the assistant of a very conceited gentleman. Your main objective is to collect the loot for the gentleman and you will have several options to update your character and be stronger against the enemies.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

The 10 best apps to edit videos

Today we can find great cameras on smartphones of all kinds, it is no longer essential to buy a high-end to enjoy a good photographic section. Therefore, every day more users have a camera more than decent in their pockets . Why not get the most out of it?

We can take good pictures, we can also record videos, many times even in 4K. But what about after? The possibilities are endless if you know how to do it. In the next lines we bring you a selection of the best applications for you to edit videos from your Android .


FilmoraGo is an application like for video editing that is designed to be used with the smartphone in a horizontal position , as in some other example that you will know in this list. The edition is quite simple, with a selection of categories that you will find on the right of your screen, thanks to which you can add music, change transitions and add themes, among others.

If you press Edit you will see a whole toolbar appear with which you can modify even the smallest detail of your recordings . Of course, you can also work with several videos at once and join them as you wish. FilmoraGo contains purchases, some filters, transitions and layers are paid, but you can enjoy without spending a euro.

Inshot Video Editor

With the Inshot application you can edit videos, but you can also edit photos and create collages. You will have the possibility to compress and convert clips, in addition to working with a wide variety of formats , such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV or 3GP.

It has tools to add stickers, filters, text, add backgrounds and change the format to fit your favorite social network. In fact, we find specific options for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok . If you want to remove the watermark and access some extra features, you will have to checkout and opt for the subscription.


This is another application designed to be used horizontally and that will make you a curious proposal the first time you open it . KineMaster will ask you to analyze the performance of your device to see if you can enjoy it in all its splendor. The application will check it for a few minutes and will adapt to the hardware of your smartphone.

KineMaster has the aesthetics of a computer editor , with a lower bar where you can follow the development of your videos, tenth to tenth. You will also have the possibility to download all kinds of transitions, fonts, filters and sound effects, some of them reserved for the premium version.


With a score of 4.6 on Google Play and over 100 million downloads, there is no doubt that VivaVideo is one of the applications preferred by users. With it you can create movies with a selection of your photographs, as well as edit videos and record yourself in the purest TikTok style .

We recommend: TikTok, this is the social network that combines, Instagram and Vine

It is a fairly simple application in its options and with effects and transitions that you will have to download . You can get the videos directly from your gallery, but also from Facebook and Instagram. VivaVideo has advertising and watermark, so if you want to get rid of them and unlock more options you will have to sign up for its premium version.


We find an application that has a simple and beautiful design, which favors comfort when editing. Anyone can think of Google design lines when viewing their main screen. As for the options, we have to talk about the most common tools, such as clipping, filters, formatting or speed variation.

YouCut is a very simple application, which gets to the point. In most cases we just want to cut or add text , and we don't want to warm our heads with a huge variety of options. We have to talk about ads, although they do not bother at all and you can eliminate them by buying the application for 3.09 euros .


With Magisto you will have the possibility to create movies from your photos and videos . These will be saved in your profile with the name you choose, so that other users can see them. You can also keep them private if you prefer.

You only have to select the photos or videos you want to add and the application will be responsible for making the assembly. It will add music and effects to get pretty attractive clips . It is perfect if you want to have a good memory of a trip without trying too hard.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Alto's Odissey is now available for download

This summer will inevitably be marked by the launch of Fortnite for Android, however, the truth is that we will also witness other major launches of Android games, such as Asphalt 9, which we talked about yesterday.

Well, if this popular racing game was launched yesterday, today the one that has arrived on Android is Alto's Odissey, the second part of one of the most popular indies games that we have seen, both on Android and iOS, let's see read more What is it about!

Download Alto's Odissey for free!

Alto's Odissey has just arrived on Android, and we are already telling you : you can download it totally free on your terminal.In addition, you will not need too much space, since it occupies only 57 MB of the memory of your terminal.

This second part of Alto's Adventure - a game that we have talked to you on more than one occasion - is related to its prequel, and like this, it is a game in which we will have to overcome objectives to advance between the different Game levels

The plot of the game is very simple. You will get into the skin of a skier - although you can unlock six different characters, each with their own abilities - that will have to overcome different obstacles and challenges.

Regarding the controls, it is impossible for them to be simpler, since all you are going to have to do is touch your smartphone to jump, or touch it and keep it to do a somersault - whenever there is a downhill, or the environment propitiates it -. But, without a doubt, the best of the game are the incredible landscapes that we see in the background, since they are visually very harmonious, which makes it the ideal game to relax in a dead time.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

How do I save battery on my mobile?

Smartphones evolve. Every time we have bigger screens in more compact phones, double cameras, triple and even quadruple cameras, and soon the fully foldable devices will arrive. However, in full 2018 we still have to resort to advanced tricks and tips to save battery , since neither the capacities have suffered an important leap in recent years, nor have new technologies appeared with which to considerably extend the autonomy of the terminals.

Luckily, at this point we already have quite clear bases on what is useful and what is not when it comes to saving battery in Android. And it is that although there are many ways like battery-saver app, tips and tricks with which to manage to extend the battery life of our devices for a few hours, not all of them work, and some despite doing so can become counterproductive. That is why this is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to promote battery saving on your Android mobile.

Save battery on Android: 9 useful tips

Don't overdo it

At this point we should all keep in mind that the screen is, by far, the component that spends the most battery on a mobile. While a processor may be more or less efficient, the industry's trend is to develop increasingly bright, larger and astronomical resolutions , which translates into panels that require more energy to illuminate.

Therefore, the measure in this case is obvious: in those situations where you do not need a brightness that is too high, it is best to reduce it as much as possible , logically to a level that does not adversely affect the display of the content. Depending on the mobile, about 40% is usually the ideal level.

In addition, if your device has already been updated to Android 9 Pie , the best option is undoubtedly to activate the Adaptive Brightness option , which bases its operation on artificial intelligence to learn from your habits and automatically modify the screen brightness , always choosing the optimum level for each situation.

Disable what you don't use

You probably do not need to have active mobile data while you sleep , nor many of the options that you currently have activated but that you only use rarely. Although the myth that Bluetooth or GPS use a battery if they remain activated at all times for a long time that they were denied, the same does not happen with other options such as those related to the Internet connection, or automatic synchronization in all your accounts.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that from time to time you deactivate those options that you will not use at the moment , mainly if you are suffering from a high battery consumption and do not know what the root of the problem may be. Others, such as Bluetooth, NFC or GPS, can remain active at all times without too much trouble.

And with this advice we don't just mean connections. Do you really need your mobile to vibrate or ring every time you touch the screen? Many of the settings that are enabled by default, or that at some point you have activated, may be silently ending up with the battery of your mobile, so it is not a bad idea to take a walk through the system settings in search of useless configurations you can disable .

Airplane mode is your ally

Another advice that follows the line of the previous one is to activate the airplane mode. Despite its name, this option is not only useful when you are about to catch a flight. In fact, it is a “shortcut” of the most convenient way to deactivate all the connections of the mobile in moments where they are not needed - for example, while you sleep -, so that it will not be necessary to go one by one deactivating all the options.

Take advantage of the dark themes

The debate is over: Google has shown with real evidence that using the dark themes of the applications that support it is very useful when it comes to saving battery power. According to research, using a white background in an application with the maximum brightness of the screen can multiply the consumption by three or more with respect to a dark background in the same application.

For months, Google itself has already begun to implement dark themes in its apps. Anyway, there are hundreds of apps and tools on Google Play that already include this option. And if you were not yet a fan of this option, now you have another reason to convince yourself.

Uninstall apps you don't use

Just as it makes no sense to have activated those options that you do not use, uninstalling those applications that you have not opened for a long time, and that are not essential, can result in greater battery savings , because maybe some of them, despite not being used daily , they have background processes that run without you knowing it several times a day - for example, to check for notifications - thus consuming energy unnecessarily.

But if you think that at some point you will need certain apps and you do not dare to uninstall them from the device, you can also use light alternatives that, in general, will consume much less resources than the original ones , and therefore will not affect the consumption of drums.

And not only can you uninstall the apps that you have installed in the past. If the manufacturer of your mobile has flooded it with bloatware , this is a good time to end it forever, or disable it if the company does not allow you to uninstall the native applications.

Change operator

It may seem somewhat exaggerated, but the truth is that poor network coverage can be fatal to your mobile battery. It may sometimes be due to temporary problems in the telephone network of the company in question, but if you are sure that your current operator does not have a good reach in the area where you reside, it may not be such a bad idea to change companies .

Before doing so, make sure the new operator does not suffer from these same problems. If you live in Spain, our ADSLZone partners offer you coverage maps of the main operators in the country.

Forget the "magic tools" ...

No application will give you 3 more hours of screen on just by installing it . In fact, it is likely that if a Google Play app makes you such a promise, it will end up producing just the opposite effect . There are many "tools" that ensure you can optimize the battery of any Android mobile phone - as if that concept existed - and that all they do is close the applications in the background, something not recommended at all for reasons that we will see later.

… But don't be afraid to use battery saving apps
Of course, not all battery saving applications are bad . There are many that can really be useful in improving energy consumption on Android devices, either limiting the execution of processes, or generating detailed statistics through which to know which applications consume more energy, and act accordingly . Some of the best apps to save battery in Android that exist are the following:

Accu Battery

It is probably one of the most popular, and the truth is that its fame is more than deserved. AccuBattery is an Android app that analyzes the battery status of the Android device, in order to show detailed consumption statistics and thus determine the status or health of the battery itself.

It has dozens of options available, all of them intended to provide the user with full control over the battery of their mobile. It will also be possible to see the charging speed, the temperature of the battery or its total capacity - remember that all batteries are degraded with use and over the years.

GSam Battery Monitor

Another classic tool in terms of battery saving in Android phones is GSam . For many, it is the most complete app that exists when it comes to monitoring the energy consumption of the applications installed on the device. One of its best valued functions, and without a doubt why this app has become one of the most famous, is the possibility to easily visualize the consumption depending on the use of the processor, the sensors, or the famous wakelocks caused both by the apps as by the operating system kernel itself.


Created by the famous app and kernel developer Francisco Franco, Naptime is another useful tool for battery saving on Android . Its operation is based on DOZE, the Android native energy saving system introduced from Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which consists of putting those apps that remain in the background to sleep , so that they are not able to execute processes or activities in in the background and avoid thus promoting greater consumption.

Naptime, however, takes this system further, forcing the performance of DOZE , which natively does not come into play until after two hours since the app in question was stopped, or does not even work if the mobile phone It is moving - for example, while you carry it in your pocket. Thus, DOZE will start working as soon as you turn off the terminal screen, and it will stop carrying out its task as soon as it is turned on again .

It is necessary to comment, of course, that this app is mainly intended for those mobile phones with Android 6 Marshmallow, 7 Nougat or 8 Oreo , since in Android Pie Google has already solved the limitations of the DOZE system.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Remote Control is now a universal application

A couple of months ago the Remote Desktop application developed by Microsoft was our app of the day , this time we will talk about TeamViewer: Remote Control , an alternative that has more than 200 million users. The application is free as long as it is for personal use , then we find three paid versions: business –499 euros–, premium –1049 euros– and corporate –2289 euros–.

With the release of Windows 10 many applications are receiving updates and are becoming universal applications , TeamViewer: Remote Control joins the list . Hopefully the android apps will continue to increase and in a short time the Windows Store will gain in quality and quantity.

TeamViewer: Remote Control is used to remotely control a computer from your Windows Phone, regardless of the operating system: Windows, Mac OS X or GNU / Linux . You can also control a remote computer from another computer, for example a tablet or PC. You have access to all applications, you can also provide support to family or friends if they have any problems, all this from your computer or phone.

  • Remotely control any computer with Windows, Mac OS X or GNU / Linux in seconds
  • Maximum security level , 256-bit AES session encryption and 2048-bit RSA key exchange
  • You can see the list of computers and contacts . View the line status of associates and connect with them quickly
  • It does not require configuration . Effortlessly access remote computers, even if they are behind a firewall or proxy server
  • Supports Wake on LAN , serves to turn on a computer remotely
  • Allows simple restart . Restart computers and remote servers from anywhere
  • Compatible with several monitors . You can switch between several screens easily

As you can see it is a very useful application , connecting to a remote computer is easier than with Microsoft Remote Desktop. To start you do not have to configure anything, the interface is very intuitive and not loaded with options, it has the right and necessary.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The best free apps to edit photos

Taking a good picture is like painting a picture, it is not enough to capture the idea ... you also have to give hundreds of tweaks. And for this, iOS users can use photo editing applications for all tastes.

In this article we will recommend a selection with the best apps photo editor apps to edit photos for free for iPhone and iPad .

With these applications you can edit your favorite photos in order to give them a unique style, correct some imperfections, add filters, work with layers and much more ... Let's start?

Free apps to edit photos on iPhone and iPad


Personally, Aviary has always been one of my favorite free photo editing applications. Although it has options for filters, masks and payment effects, it has a large selection of free items to edit photos. An ideal option, and very easy to use.


Retrica is the application par excellence for younger users, and its benefits are more focused on the photographic edition of selfies. Even so, it is a very useful app to edit photos of any kind. In addition, it allows you to create GIFs from videos.


Snapseed is an application to edit photos so complete, that Google decided to acquire it a few years ago. It has filters and effects for all tastes. In addition, its user interface adapts perfectly to both the iPhone and iPad. Very easy to use!


VSCO Cam is a wonderful application to edit, share and discover photos. It allows you to improve all your photographs with filters and other tools such as blur, clarity, skin tone, dye, saturation, temperature and much more.


Canva is an app to edit photos that also allows users to enter text, frames and other effects, in addition to the classic filters. Canvas is a great application when creating postcards, publications, invitations, collages, posters, logos, etc.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Amazon with Vodafone

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world , and without a doubt one of the most important e-commerce platforms globally. There are many people who say that if it is not on Amazon it does not exist, and almost that we lack reason. And if we tell you that it is possible to get an Amazon gift voucher worth 30 euros to spend on whatever you want? Well, the promotion that Vodafone offers us from the hand of 14 BEST WAYS TO EARN FREE AMAZON GIFT CARD CODES IN 2019..(100% WORKING) has come for that.

As we can see on the Amazon website , Vodafone has a new offer through which we can get a gift certificate of 30 euros. It is very simple. You simply have to hire one of the offers that appear on the page or that they offer via telephone. Once you have completed the process you will receive your discount voucher with 30 euros to spend on whatever you want .

The promotion has an unknown duration . In fact, Vodafone reserves the right to finish it when it deems appropriate, so if you are looking to change companies or get another company package, it may now be a good time . Once you have hired some of the services of the telephone company, and after 30 days after the formalization of the contract, Vodafone will send you an SMS with the discount voucher.

In addition to the rates shown on the Amazon website - which are the most basic - there are others that are not exposed but also enter the promotion. To get more information about them you just have to call 900920051, which is free. It is very important that you know that this promotion is only valid in Spain and You will not be able to use the 30 euros coupon on Only in the Spanish version. If you are looking to change operators, now you have an extra reason to do so, because 30 euros is 30 euros, and Amazon gives a lot.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Configure a VPN network on Android

In the past we have always wanted to have many of us Netflix in our hands, but we know that this service was geographically limited . But this could be avoided by creating a VPN network . Now we are going to teach you how to create a VPN network on Android in a simple way and it will not take us more than 10 minutes.

Download the Hello application

The first thing we have to do is download the official Hello application , this is simple since we can find it in the Google Play Store. We will have to keep in mind that it is the original application since if we could not be downloading malware .

With this application we can create a VPN network with our terminal 10 best vpn for mozilla firefox , these networks will help us navigate the networks as if we were from a different country.

Configure Hi

From the main screen, Hola will give us access to some of the most popular applications in your service . By clicking on one of these, you will be taken to the official website of the US Play Store where we can install software that is not in our country.

After we have identified, the service will ask us to identify the terminal , so this process is not very accurate and sometimes gives errors.

Open application in Hello

Once you have installed both Hola and the application you want to use, you will only have to activate the VPN network on Android . We will return to the main Hello page and look for the application from the “Popular Applications” or “My Applications” list.

The system will send us a warning , asking if we want to trust the Hello application that has been downloaded from the Internet. We indicate that we do trust the application, and everything is ready, you just have to take the popcorn and enjoy.

From where to navigate, and more options

When you use the Hello application for Android, the network will load us by default from the United States , but we may want to connect from another nationality, for this we will have to select the flag button and choose the country that we like the most.

Disable Hi and the VPN

Disabling the Hello app for Android is tremendously easy. All you have to do is access the tab that appears in the notification area . And select Make click Disconnect to return to your usual connection.

Samsung app now to improve the audio

The Samsung Galaxy S8 , which we analyzed thoroughly not too long ago , is being a success. Just a few hours ago we informed you about the first sales data of the device, which indicated that the new smartphone is being sold up to twice as fast as the previous generation despite the fact that the terminal reached the market with some problems that, little by little , have been solved by the company.

Today, Samsung has good news for those users of the Galaxy S8 or S8 +, or any other phone on the line, who were not completely satisfied with the audio of their phone, because the company has released a new application on Google Play and 9 best music downloader apps for android (2019) that promises to improve the music experience of its terminals .

SoundAssistant, the app to get the most out of the audio of your Samsung Galaxy

Under the name of SoundAssistant, Samsung today announced this new application that is already available in the Google Play Store, and that will allow Galaxy terminal users to configure each and every one of the parameters related to the audio of their device.

The application has several interesting features such as the possibility of managing the sound of each application individually or creating custom profiles . The complete list of functions that Samsung offers in the description of the app is as follows:

Allows you to control the multimedia volume instead of the ringtone by pressing the volume keys.

Manage the volume of applications individually (you can control the volume of music and games differently).

150 volume levels and support for floating equalizer.

Create and activate audio profiles with custom settings.

Supports mono audio and left / right balance.

In addition to the above, Galaxy S8 users may specify a different audio output path for each application . Thus, for example, you can choose whether music plays automatically on a Bluetooth speaker and the audio from YouTube videos is heard directly on the speakers of the phone itself.

Samsung SoundAssistant is now available in Google Play Store for free . Although at first it seems to be destined for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, it is possible to use it on most Samsung Galaxy devices available in the market.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

2-in-1 music player with Material Design

Every day we use our mobile phone for different tasks: monitor our physical activity, read the mail, check the news of the day, weather, social networks and Android Music Player , etc. For others, one of the most important functions of the device is to exercise as a music player , either from files that we have stored or through different streaming platforms .

As in everything, the application we use will be one of the key points . Therefore, and to facilitate this task, today we bring you a stylish music player. The application in question is called MeloCloud , and as you can imagine from the title of the article, its design is marked by the Material Design lines that marked a before and after in the aesthetics of the Android operating system.

Discover the extras

Once we enter the application, it will be the same that classifies our files according to the artist, the album or the playlists that we already have preselected, something quite common in this type of apps .

You may also be interested: How to listen to YouTube music while using other applications without being root

What is not so common, and is a point in favor, is the wide range of possibilities it gives us when it comes to customizing the interface. We can choose the main and secondary color, the number of elements to display in each tab or different features in relation to the notification bar widget and the lock screen.

In addition, from the application itself we can configure an equalizer that we already have installed on our device to adapt it to the type of music we are listening to.

However, this is not the most differential element that we can find in this application. The first tab starting on the left is a search bar that will allow us to directly access SoundCloud , so thanks to this option it will be like having two applications instead of one , a luxury for those terminals with little storage.

We recommend: Google Play Music is updated and receives interesting news, download the APK!

This global community of amateur and not-so-amateur musicians has a catalog of more than 120 million songs (to give you an idea, Spotify has “only” about 30 million), so the possibilities for our smartphone multiply .

In addition, a fact that I consider differential is that they do not introduce any type of advertising or advertisement that does appear in other applications of this style and that can cloud the experience, despite being completely free


If what you were looking for was a modern, customizable music player with some other extra functionality such as the search in SoundCloud or the possibility of setting up an external equalizer, look no further; MeloColud is your application.

And what do you think about the application? Did you know her yet? Are you going to try it? You can share your opinion with us in the comments.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Instagram will soon integrate

With the Facebook scandal still traveling half the world, the truth is that the company of Mark Zuckerberg has in its portfolio of other social networks equally successful and less dotted as an Instagram that continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

Just yesterday, the developers of the popular photography social network started the tests with Snapchat-style friend codes , and today the next arrival of the Q&A sticker is confirmed to ask questions and answers with our followers from how to view private instagram profiles secretly in 2019.

It is not that originality is one of the strengths of a service like Instagram, which has been adopting all the novelties of the competition to eliminate differentiation and keep its user base intact. Of course, the Q&A sticker already appeared in version 39 for iOS, and now more details of its implementation on Instagram are known thanks to version 40.0 of the application on the Apple platform.

One of the most anticipated news, which now seems closer ...

Obviously the function is not yet available and cannot be used , its development continues and the testing phase has not begun, but at least we can already see more details of the questions and answers label that many have long awaited.

As WABetaInfo tells us, the Q&A tag will look like you can see right in the image above, and will be integrated into the Instagram service to allow us to ask our followers a question and keep their answers private , without anyone else We can read them.

The interface of the new functionality, as you will have seen, is so simple that it only shows us a customizable text box , in which we can change the colors and write what we want without the answers to the question asked being made public.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We show you how Remote Relay on Steam works

Of course, Steam has added a very interesting possibility to its desktop client, the Valve platform does not stop surprising us and, since we know that the Steam Machines are just around the corner, necessary functionalities are being added that will save a lot of work to users.

Now, from the Steam client, you can broadcast any game you have installed in your library to another PC that is in your local network . What does this mean? Well, you can play the entire library of your PC from any of the other PCs you have at home regardless of whether they have sufficient requirements to run the game or not, because you will be playing on your most powerful PC but you can enjoy the games on any screen If you have a very powerful machine in your living room but you prefer to play on the laptop in your room that does not support games now you can.

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There are a lot of advantages in this since you can do several things that are worth mentioning.

You can play titles that have only come out for Windows from a computer with Mac OS X, SteamOS or Linux, so if you buy a Steam Machine not very powerful and some games are not always you can rent them from your most powerful PC (in if you have it). However, this means that in the future new operating systems can be added for this function.

You can play titles with high requirements on machines that do not meet. We will be really controlling the powerful machines we have at home but we will see the video signal that it sends.

This system allows us to continue our game on a second computer, just where we left it in the first without problems.

You can download the game for a PC and enjoy it on others without having to download it again so there will be no waiting.

You can control the main PC from our second machine, games and all kinds of things can be installed because we will have a kind of remote support.

If you are a bit tricky and manage to create a VPN you can enjoy your games anywhere through this possibility, you will need a decent connection to enjoy the game but in return you will have all these advantages wherever you go.

Now, what do we have to do to get this function started? Well the truth is that it is quite simple to do it but we detail it to you in case the flies and, in case you do not understand it, you can always use the comments for the doubts that may arise.

First of all we need to have Steam updated on the two PCs that we are going to use and that these are connected to the same local network, to connect two PCs in your same local network you only need them to be (by Wi-Fi or cable) connected to the same router .

Once we have ensured that we are fulfilling this, we start Steam on both PCs with the same account (the account that we will use to relay the games) both on the host and on the guest . Now we go to the PC we are going to broadcast (where the games are) and, within Steam, click on Parameters and go to the Relay section . We observe that everything is activated and we can change a couple of things to improve quality.

We can set the client options to Good to enjoy a better quality and modify some parameters in case you need it.

In this way it will already be activated, to play a retransmitted game we just have to go to the PC where we want to receive the game and instead of the install button we will get an option that puts Retransmit as in the image that we can see here, if we click on she the service will start to work and the game will be transmitted to the other screen.

I must admit that I have tried it and it works really well, now, keep in mind that for this you will not need a powerful Internet connection because it works through the local network, you just need the Internet signal to reach both PCs and you will play without any lag . I've been playing Nether for a while and I haven't appreciated any break or any kind of delay when pressing the keys. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Clash of Magic 2019 – Download Magic Server APK S1,S2,S3,S4

This server offers 4 different private servers, these all servers are different from each other on the basis of features and mod. We’ll discuss in details about these all later in this article. if we talk about its initial release the Clash of Magic isn’t really good because it was hosted on slow and poor quality servers.
It crashed when there are more than 500 users playing game. It was also buggy and has some issue, but now in later version many issue are resolved, it also upgraded with new features.

The first 2 server come up with some amazing custom mods but the other two 3rd and 4th server are without mod but with unlimited resources that never end. So, if you don’t like to play with custom mod then you can try clash of magic s3 and s4. Their recent update Clash Of Magic 10.322 comes up with 2 new Halloween troops which is the Giant Skeleton and Pumpkin Barbarian. You can upgrade building only with a single 1 gold/elixir, so max your building in the Townhall as much you want.
Clash of magic is the most popular COC Private Server having a lot of features which makes the game easy and people enjoy this game more. As we know Clash of Clan is a very famous game that’s why people want to download some server that helps to get feature without any problem. Before we move further towards each server, let’s have a short introduction so that new users can also take full benefit out of it. Clash of Magic is hosted on a third-party server, and it’s similar to the original version, but in this private server, you can generate unlimited amount of resources including Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Download Madden Mobile Hack Mod APK V 2.7

There are different types of currency in Madden NFL Mobile, including coins, which serve as the main currency, and Madden Cash, which is the premium currency. These Madden NFL Mobile tips, cheats and tricks will teach you how to as many coins and Madden Cash as possible, therefore giving you more resources to make your team better.

Read full content : Download Madden mobile Hack Mod APK (updated)

Madden NFL 18 Mobile is the latest installment from a long line of football simulation series developed by EA Sports. This game is the ultimate test of football knowledge and expertise. Loved by veterans and novices alike, the game will have you hooked for hours on end as you manage your very own dream team. Over the years, it has evolved into a lot more than just a collection game wherein whoever has the most popular players wins. You will need to use guile and strategy in order to develop your players and ensure victory. It’s a good thing you can rely on our comprehensive Madden NFL 18 Mobile tips, cheats and tricks in order to build the greatest football team known to man!

Madden NFL Mobile is EA Sports’ Android and iOS game that carries the popular franchise’s tradition on to the mobile space. And while quite different from the Xbox and PS Madden games you’re probably more familiar with, it does have some similarities, and also makes use of real NFL players. You can draft your own team, choose your starting lineup, and put your team up against those of other human players. In our previous Madden NFL Mobile strategy guide we shared some useful tips and tricks for players who are starting out. But in order to improve your team of scrubs into a potential Super Bowl champion, you’ll need to have some in-game money on you.

Achievement-Get Free Google Play Credits

Get paid to exercise! Achievement is a free app that works with your different workout devices. You earn rewards for the following activities:
  • Tracking Steps
  • Sleeping
  • Eating Healthy
  • Tweeting
  • Taking Surveys
Achievement’s only two payment options are PayPal and direct deposit. Of course, you can set aside this cash for Google Play purchases. After all, this is an effortless way to turn your daily exercise routine into a paid hobby.
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If you are an Android user then you may benefit from free Google Play credits. There are plenty of things you can get for free from the Google Play store. However many of the best apps, games, movies and books aren’t free. Rather than spending your hard earned dollars on apps, you may be able to get free Google Play credits. While many websites falsely claim to give you Google Play credits, there are many legit ways to earn these rewards.

Friday, May 3, 2019

How to get the codes doing surveys?

When you keep checking on the existing offers and app downloads, you can get the complete information of the available survey. You can also get the codes by watching advertisements. Take time to watch those adverts. This will help you to earn some free points. By doing this, you do not need to spend your wallet money if you want to purchase the games and software.
You can also get free steam codes by exchanging your points, and this will help you to manage to earn more online. The websites who offer free codes will provide you with an efficient way to get them. You will get the codes by leaving your email id on their website. You can earn points by issuing your email out to the site. It can be a part of filling a particular survey.
Read full content : How To Get Free Steam Codes

If you do not want to miss the opportunity of getting the free codes, then you need to check these sites regularly. It is not possible for you to check the sites all the time. You can get the regular updates of those websites by subscribing to their website.
Depending on the Country you are living, you can get either more offers or less. People who live in the United States of America and Europe can enjoy the most as they can get more offers.
They do not need to reveal any of their details like debit card number, credit card number etc. The site owners in these countries will ensure that they provide the safety advertise by making sure that the advertisers are reliable and honest.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Methods To Get Free Xbox Live Codes

Make a new Xbox account; this will also give you free Trial codes of Xbox live for one month. Make sure you get most out of your one-month free trial of Xbox account. You need to get your subscription cancel before one-month expire. Follow these steps and get a one-month trial of Xbox live gold membership Codes:
If you want to join any legit GPT website which pays then consider joining is a GPT website which gives you points for performing certain jobs, and you can convert those points into free Xbox live codes.

We all love to play games on our console, where we can battle it out with our family members or with online friends. But now a day, there are many games which need Xbox live gold membership for playing online. If you have some budget constraint and looking for free Xbox live gold membership codes which are working good in 2019, then check our exclusive article on that topic.
  1. Login to your Microsoft account and go to the subscription page
  2. Click on Xbox live gold membership (one-month Trial)
  3. Register there with your credit card details
  4. You need to enter valid billing address on the next screen
  5. Now follow the onscreen process to complete the registration
  6. Voila! Check your account now, Xbox live gold membership will be activated in your account.

Free PSN Codes Generator

PSN codes are those codes which help you purchase downloadable games in the PlayStation Store. It is used by the younger person who doesn’t have access to credit card and can’t purchase their PSN subscription. Every PSN Gift Card has its own unique code which can be availed easily. Each code has its unique identity and is represented either by the currency used in your country or by a certain value that is expressed in the number of dollars. In order to exchange the code, one must visit the PS Store.

Either you can purchase these Free PSN Codes or search for other free alternatives. Purchasing free PSN code is very simple. One must visit nearby PS Store to purchase these PSN codes.
Getting a Free PSN Codes, that too for free is not a complicated task at all. These PSN codes may work based on its availability. All you need is to do is follow these simple methods.

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GTA 5 Cheats: Money, Weapons & Ammo, Invincibility

Let’s liven up Los Santos with a whole bunch of GTA 5 cheats, from spawning overpowered weapons and flaming ammo to getting rid of your Wanted level. There are plenty of cheats for GTA 5, enabling you to go on a violent rampage without having to worry about silly things like the police chasing you or running out of ammo. These cheats are all focused on your character, so if you’re looking to spawn different vehicles to get around then try this list of cheats right here. All of these GTA 5 cheats are easy to do. On console just tap the relevant buttons in order during the game. On PC, bring up the tilde button (~) and enter the cheat word, or pull up your in-game phone and dial the numbers listed below. Remember these only work for GTA 5 singleplayer and will not work in GTA Online. If you’re after help with GTA Online tips and mods, head on over here for a massive stack of invaluable advice to hitting rank 100.

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Spawn a parachute

Sometimes you just need a parachute. This GTA 5 cheat gives you exactly that. Handy if you need to get to the bottom on a mountain quickly.
  • PS4 / PS3: LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, L1
  • Xbox One / Xbox 360: LEFT, RIGHT, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LB
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-759-3483

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mystic Messenger – Email Guide

Contributor(s): Kimchi, Mizuki Ai, menaim, Azure, Rainy, Amphitrite717, Lia, afrosilemkaaa, LimeB, darklightangel6446, PBComplexion, レン , flat-san, Devi, Carrot Probably,  NekoGod, Bec, Katie, Hachiko, Zephyrus666`le

·         These are in ABC order
·         Minimum to Invite to Good End
·         Original Story: 10
·         Another Story: 16~20??
·         In order to get someone to 100% commit to come to the party, you need to get three correct emails with three green arrows and a complete in silver/blue-green.
·         If you get two completed emails, there is a chance they will come (green).
·         Green arrow means the email is right.
·         Orange arrow means the email was incorrect.
·         Answer emails as they come in. Do not let them sit.
·         Invite as many as you can. Do not worry about possibly inviting someone your love interest may not like. Note: Inviting cat guests in Jaehee’s route and Zen’s fanclub in Zen’s route are the only exceptions and will result in heartbreaks from Jaehee as well as one heart being taken away from your overall chat total.
·         It many take days from some guests to get back to you. I had guests confirming they would come and being marked complete, the day of the party. Be patient.
·         If you are trying to get the normal end for each character, do not invite any guests or invite less than 9. Anything over that will cause you to good end.
·         You will start being able to accept emails on the second day.
·         You must participate in chats and tell characters to have them send you an email in order to receive emails.
When you reach the party and (good?) end the game, the extras area will unlock. If you press the button for guests, you will be show the guest list. Selecting a guest that attended and listening to the story will award you 1HG the first time you do this. You will not be award an HG again after read a guests story once.

Online Roblox Asset Downloader Tool 2019

As of now the software engineers are developing the Online Asset Downloader Tool where you simply need to put the URL of Roblox Asset you need to download and the rest things will be finished by the online apparatus for Roblox resource.

The Online Roblox Asset Downloader can access through any online gadget. You simply need the program on your gadget with the goal that you can put the benefit URL on the Roblox Asset Downloader Tool.
Regardless of in case you’re utilizing PC or Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation or even MAC. Roblox Asset Downloader will download any benefit easily you need to download.

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GoMovies - Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Well, a good movie can make up your day and can make you feel better, and you will get a break even for some hours from those tiring and hectic schedules. Isn’t it? And if in case, you are not the one who loves watching films in the theater, then, I have a solution for you. Yes, you can watch your favorite movies for which you were waiting from long in your home, and it will be free of cost. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

GoMovies is quite similar to FMovies in terms of content as this site also have a big collection of Movies and TV series which includes the latest movies as well and the one running on the cinema theater as well. However, the display of the film is not similar to FMovies. In terms of look, FMovies is far ahead than GoMovies. Also, if you are not so tech person, not to worry about. This site is easy to use. Everything is mentioned on the home page of the site, and it is also in the alphabetical order to find the movies. The load speed of the movies and TV series are quite good. And the quality is also in HD. So, you can easily stream your favorite movies online without any hassle.