Friday, April 12, 2019

Due - The best to-do list apps for Android and iOS

Due is a to do list app that's designed to store only your most important tasks. These are the things you absolutely cannot forget to do—not all the small things you hope to achieve someday (but probably never will). In that sense, Due is best used in conjunction with other to do apps.
Add tasks to the app simply by pulling down and typing. Natural language parsing will decipher the due date, while a fast date picker makes it easy to set a due date manually. Hit the Auto Snooze button to be perpetually reminded about that task, until you decide to act on it. This button sends you a notification anywhere from every minute (yikes) to every hour, at an interval of your choosing.
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You can then delay or mark your task as completed with a 3D Touch of the notification on your lock screen. The app also includes a set of recurring timers that you can start whenever you like. Use the optional iCloud or Dropbox sync to share data between iOS devices and the Mac version, without having to register for an account.

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