Thursday, October 31, 2019

Configure a VPN network on Android

In the past we have always wanted to have many of us Netflix in our hands, but we know that this service was geographically limited . But this could be avoided by creating a VPN network . Now we are going to teach you how to create a VPN network on Android in a simple way and it will not take us more than 10 minutes.

Download the Hello application

The first thing we have to do is download the official Hello application , this is simple since we can find it in the Google Play Store. We will have to keep in mind that it is the original application since if we could not be downloading malware .

With this application we can create a VPN network with our terminal 10 best vpn for mozilla firefox , these networks will help us navigate the networks as if we were from a different country.

Configure Hi

From the main screen, Hola will give us access to some of the most popular applications in your service . By clicking on one of these, you will be taken to the official website of the US Play Store where we can install software that is not in our country.

After we have identified, the service will ask us to identify the terminal , so this process is not very accurate and sometimes gives errors.

Open application in Hello

Once you have installed both Hola and the application you want to use, you will only have to activate the VPN network on Android . We will return to the main Hello page and look for the application from the “Popular Applications” or “My Applications” list.

The system will send us a warning , asking if we want to trust the Hello application that has been downloaded from the Internet. We indicate that we do trust the application, and everything is ready, you just have to take the popcorn and enjoy.

From where to navigate, and more options

When you use the Hello application for Android, the network will load us by default from the United States , but we may want to connect from another nationality, for this we will have to select the flag button and choose the country that we like the most.

Disable Hi and the VPN

Disabling the Hello app for Android is tremendously easy. All you have to do is access the tab that appears in the notification area . And select Make click Disconnect to return to your usual connection.

Samsung app now to improve the audio

The Samsung Galaxy S8 , which we analyzed thoroughly not too long ago , is being a success. Just a few hours ago we informed you about the first sales data of the device, which indicated that the new smartphone is being sold up to twice as fast as the previous generation despite the fact that the terminal reached the market with some problems that, little by little , have been solved by the company.

Today, Samsung has good news for those users of the Galaxy S8 or S8 +, or any other phone on the line, who were not completely satisfied with the audio of their phone, because the company has released a new application on Google Play and 9 best music downloader apps for android (2019) that promises to improve the music experience of its terminals .

SoundAssistant, the app to get the most out of the audio of your Samsung Galaxy

Under the name of SoundAssistant, Samsung today announced this new application that is already available in the Google Play Store, and that will allow Galaxy terminal users to configure each and every one of the parameters related to the audio of their device.

The application has several interesting features such as the possibility of managing the sound of each application individually or creating custom profiles . The complete list of functions that Samsung offers in the description of the app is as follows:

Allows you to control the multimedia volume instead of the ringtone by pressing the volume keys.

Manage the volume of applications individually (you can control the volume of music and games differently).

150 volume levels and support for floating equalizer.

Create and activate audio profiles with custom settings.

Supports mono audio and left / right balance.

In addition to the above, Galaxy S8 users may specify a different audio output path for each application . Thus, for example, you can choose whether music plays automatically on a Bluetooth speaker and the audio from YouTube videos is heard directly on the speakers of the phone itself.

Samsung SoundAssistant is now available in Google Play Store for free . Although at first it seems to be destined for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, it is possible to use it on most Samsung Galaxy devices available in the market.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

2-in-1 music player with Material Design

Every day we use our mobile phone for different tasks: monitor our physical activity, read the mail, check the news of the day, weather, social networks and Android Music Player , etc. For others, one of the most important functions of the device is to exercise as a music player , either from files that we have stored or through different streaming platforms .

As in everything, the application we use will be one of the key points . Therefore, and to facilitate this task, today we bring you a stylish music player. The application in question is called MeloCloud , and as you can imagine from the title of the article, its design is marked by the Material Design lines that marked a before and after in the aesthetics of the Android operating system.

Discover the extras

Once we enter the application, it will be the same that classifies our files according to the artist, the album or the playlists that we already have preselected, something quite common in this type of apps .

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What is not so common, and is a point in favor, is the wide range of possibilities it gives us when it comes to customizing the interface. We can choose the main and secondary color, the number of elements to display in each tab or different features in relation to the notification bar widget and the lock screen.

In addition, from the application itself we can configure an equalizer that we already have installed on our device to adapt it to the type of music we are listening to.

However, this is not the most differential element that we can find in this application. The first tab starting on the left is a search bar that will allow us to directly access SoundCloud , so thanks to this option it will be like having two applications instead of one , a luxury for those terminals with little storage.

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This global community of amateur and not-so-amateur musicians has a catalog of more than 120 million songs (to give you an idea, Spotify has “only” about 30 million), so the possibilities for our smartphone multiply .

In addition, a fact that I consider differential is that they do not introduce any type of advertising or advertisement that does appear in other applications of this style and that can cloud the experience, despite being completely free


If what you were looking for was a modern, customizable music player with some other extra functionality such as the search in SoundCloud or the possibility of setting up an external equalizer, look no further; MeloColud is your application.

And what do you think about the application? Did you know her yet? Are you going to try it? You can share your opinion with us in the comments.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Instagram will soon integrate

With the Facebook scandal still traveling half the world, the truth is that the company of Mark Zuckerberg has in its portfolio of other social networks equally successful and less dotted as an Instagram that continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

Just yesterday, the developers of the popular photography social network started the tests with Snapchat-style friend codes , and today the next arrival of the Q&A sticker is confirmed to ask questions and answers with our followers from how to view private instagram profiles secretly in 2019.

It is not that originality is one of the strengths of a service like Instagram, which has been adopting all the novelties of the competition to eliminate differentiation and keep its user base intact. Of course, the Q&A sticker already appeared in version 39 for iOS, and now more details of its implementation on Instagram are known thanks to version 40.0 of the application on the Apple platform.

One of the most anticipated news, which now seems closer ...

Obviously the function is not yet available and cannot be used , its development continues and the testing phase has not begun, but at least we can already see more details of the questions and answers label that many have long awaited.

As WABetaInfo tells us, the Q&A tag will look like you can see right in the image above, and will be integrated into the Instagram service to allow us to ask our followers a question and keep their answers private , without anyone else We can read them.

The interface of the new functionality, as you will have seen, is so simple that it only shows us a customizable text box , in which we can change the colors and write what we want without the answers to the question asked being made public.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We show you how Remote Relay on Steam works

Of course, Steam has added a very interesting possibility to its desktop client, the Valve platform does not stop surprising us and, since we know that the Steam Machines are just around the corner, necessary functionalities are being added that will save a lot of work to users.

Now, from the Steam client, you can broadcast any game you have installed in your library to another PC that is in your local network . What does this mean? Well, you can play the entire library of your PC from any of the other PCs you have at home regardless of whether they have sufficient requirements to run the game or not, because you will be playing on your most powerful PC but you can enjoy the games on any screen If you have a very powerful machine in your living room but you prefer to play on the laptop in your room that does not support games now you can.

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There are a lot of advantages in this since you can do several things that are worth mentioning.

You can play titles that have only come out for Windows from a computer with Mac OS X, SteamOS or Linux, so if you buy a Steam Machine not very powerful and some games are not always you can rent them from your most powerful PC (in if you have it). However, this means that in the future new operating systems can be added for this function.

You can play titles with high requirements on machines that do not meet. We will be really controlling the powerful machines we have at home but we will see the video signal that it sends.

This system allows us to continue our game on a second computer, just where we left it in the first without problems.

You can download the game for a PC and enjoy it on others without having to download it again so there will be no waiting.

You can control the main PC from our second machine, games and all kinds of things can be installed because we will have a kind of remote support.

If you are a bit tricky and manage to create a VPN you can enjoy your games anywhere through this possibility, you will need a decent connection to enjoy the game but in return you will have all these advantages wherever you go.

Now, what do we have to do to get this function started? Well the truth is that it is quite simple to do it but we detail it to you in case the flies and, in case you do not understand it, you can always use the comments for the doubts that may arise.

First of all we need to have Steam updated on the two PCs that we are going to use and that these are connected to the same local network, to connect two PCs in your same local network you only need them to be (by Wi-Fi or cable) connected to the same router .

Once we have ensured that we are fulfilling this, we start Steam on both PCs with the same account (the account that we will use to relay the games) both on the host and on the guest . Now we go to the PC we are going to broadcast (where the games are) and, within Steam, click on Parameters and go to the Relay section . We observe that everything is activated and we can change a couple of things to improve quality.

We can set the client options to Good to enjoy a better quality and modify some parameters in case you need it.

In this way it will already be activated, to play a retransmitted game we just have to go to the PC where we want to receive the game and instead of the install button we will get an option that puts Retransmit as in the image that we can see here, if we click on she the service will start to work and the game will be transmitted to the other screen.

I must admit that I have tried it and it works really well, now, keep in mind that for this you will not need a powerful Internet connection because it works through the local network, you just need the Internet signal to reach both PCs and you will play without any lag . I've been playing Nether for a while and I haven't appreciated any break or any kind of delay when pressing the keys. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.