Saturday, December 7, 2019

5 RPG Games You Should Try on your iPhone or iPad

The iOS application store has an extensive catalog of games and applications, both for iPhone and iPad. Among them are a good number of RPG titles or role-playing games that delight more than one, and today we bring you a selection with five of these games that can not be missing on your iPhone or iPad .

RPG or role-playing games like are those in which you have to control 10 Best Offline RPG Games For Android (2019-2020) one or more characters to progress through an epic adventure . In them you will have to fight against orcs, demons, ogres and other creatures that will cross your path.

To do this, you will have several elements such as weapons, armor and different skills that you can improve to get stronger against your enemies. So we do not entertain more and we will see several RPG games that we recommend trying on your iPhone or iPad, with which you can have a good time of fun.

5 fun role-playing games to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad!

Dungeon Soda

One of the most fun and addictive role-playing games you'll find in the App Store. Soda Dungeon is very easy to play and in it you will have to fight against groups of enemies in a turn-based mode, where you will fight with a boss in an epic battle every 10 levels . In return you can get new weapons, items, armor and the possibility of increasing the power of your heroes' powers.

Dash quest

This is a different role-playing game where you can find the perfect mix of fantasy action and endless run . Dash Quest is a retro game in which you will have to fight in epic battles against lots of enemies and you can also improve and personalize your character little by little. The operation is very simple, since it is based on tactile gestures.

The Greedy Cave

The main objective of this RPG game is to explore a cave full of bad guys and keep you alive inside it so as not to lose the loot you've been collecting . Another way in which you will lose all the treasure you have collected is if you decide to return back to the town, keeping only high quality items in the inventory.

The Last Vikings

This game also has a retro air and its main objective is to restore the ancient glory of the Vikings . You will have to assault and plunder villages to obtain resources and weapons, build ships and fight mythical creatures with great powers.

Extreme Jobs Kinght's Assistant

Last but not least, we have this game in which you will become the assistant of a very conceited gentleman. Your main objective is to collect the loot for the gentleman and you will have several options to update your character and be stronger against the enemies.