Saturday, October 20, 2018

Free & Paid Pop-Up and Ad Blocker for Browsing the Internet

Free and Open source, this software script is made for people looking for a very minimal blocker that is very good on CPU usage and uses Memory very efficiently, thus not putting a lot of stress on your PC. Out of the box, this software blocks quite a few advertisers, but not so many that its overly protective. You have the option to use other block lists that are available to block an even greater number of advertisements along with using the advanced mode of the platform to further define blocking rules of any given advertiser.
Read full information : The Best (and Worst) Ad Blockers UPDATED | reapinfo

This is by Far the most popular ad blocker for the Chrome browser, boasting over 200 million downloads and 10,000,000+ people currently using it. It's as easy as installing the add-on and it starts to work automatically, no fancy configuration or fiddling with advanced options. This software is also available to download for iPhone, Safari Browser (Mac OS X) and Opera as well.

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