Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We show you how Remote Relay on Steam works

Of course, Steam has added a very interesting possibility to its desktop client, the Valve platform does not stop surprising us and, since we know that the Steam Machines are just around the corner, necessary functionalities are being added that will save a lot of work to users.

Now, from the Steam client, you can broadcast any game you have installed in your library to another PC that is in your local network . What does this mean? Well, you can play the entire library of your PC from any of the other PCs you have at home regardless of whether they have sufficient requirements to run the game or not, because you will be playing on your most powerful PC but you can enjoy the games on any screen If you have a very powerful machine in your living room but you prefer to play on the laptop in your room that does not support games now you can.

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There are a lot of advantages in this since you can do several things that are worth mentioning.

You can play titles that have only come out for Windows from a computer with Mac OS X, SteamOS or Linux, so if you buy a Steam Machine not very powerful and some games are not always you can rent them from your most powerful PC (in if you have it). However, this means that in the future new operating systems can be added for this function.

You can play titles with high requirements on machines that do not meet. We will be really controlling the powerful machines we have at home but we will see the video signal that it sends.

This system allows us to continue our game on a second computer, just where we left it in the first without problems.

You can download the game for a PC and enjoy it on others without having to download it again so there will be no waiting.

You can control the main PC from our second machine, games and all kinds of things can be installed because we will have a kind of remote support.

If you are a bit tricky and manage to create a VPN you can enjoy your games anywhere through this possibility, you will need a decent connection to enjoy the game but in return you will have all these advantages wherever you go.

Now, what do we have to do to get this function started? Well the truth is that it is quite simple to do it but we detail it to you in case the flies and, in case you do not understand it, you can always use the comments for the doubts that may arise.

First of all we need to have Steam updated on the two PCs that we are going to use and that these are connected to the same local network, to connect two PCs in your same local network you only need them to be (by Wi-Fi or cable) connected to the same router .

Once we have ensured that we are fulfilling this, we start Steam on both PCs with the same account (the account that we will use to relay the games) both on the host and on the guest . Now we go to the PC we are going to broadcast (where the games are) and, within Steam, click on Parameters and go to the Relay section . We observe that everything is activated and we can change a couple of things to improve quality.

We can set the client options to Good to enjoy a better quality and modify some parameters in case you need it.

In this way it will already be activated, to play a retransmitted game we just have to go to the PC where we want to receive the game and instead of the install button we will get an option that puts Retransmit as in the image that we can see here, if we click on she the service will start to work and the game will be transmitted to the other screen.

I must admit that I have tried it and it works really well, now, keep in mind that for this you will not need a powerful Internet connection because it works through the local network, you just need the Internet signal to reach both PCs and you will play without any lag . I've been playing Nether for a while and I haven't appreciated any break or any kind of delay when pressing the keys. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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