Thursday, May 9, 2019

Clash of Magic 2019 – Download Magic Server APK S1,S2,S3,S4

This server offers 4 different private servers, these all servers are different from each other on the basis of features and mod. We’ll discuss in details about these all later in this article. if we talk about its initial release the Clash of Magic isn’t really good because it was hosted on slow and poor quality servers.
It crashed when there are more than 500 users playing game. It was also buggy and has some issue, but now in later version many issue are resolved, it also upgraded with new features.

The first 2 server come up with some amazing custom mods but the other two 3rd and 4th server are without mod but with unlimited resources that never end. So, if you don’t like to play with custom mod then you can try clash of magic s3 and s4. Their recent update Clash Of Magic 10.322 comes up with 2 new Halloween troops which is the Giant Skeleton and Pumpkin Barbarian. You can upgrade building only with a single 1 gold/elixir, so max your building in the Townhall as much you want.
Clash of magic is the most popular COC Private Server having a lot of features which makes the game easy and people enjoy this game more. As we know Clash of Clan is a very famous game that’s why people want to download some server that helps to get feature without any problem. Before we move further towards each server, let’s have a short introduction so that new users can also take full benefit out of it. Clash of Magic is hosted on a third-party server, and it’s similar to the original version, but in this private server, you can generate unlimited amount of resources including Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

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