Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale - Moisty Mire Chest Locations

Moisty Mire is one of the popular spots of Fortnite mostly because of the huge amount of chests you can find there. If you want to get most of the chests in the area before others, follow the guide to all locations of the chests below:

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Western Film Set Area:
- If you go to the northwest tip of the area of a film set, you will find a chest there, it is found inside the metal container.
- You will find another chest at the north edge of the western area of a film set. It will be inside a wooden building that is at the top of a tree house.
- If you go to the southwest from the last chest, you will be a same wooden structure and the chest will be on a table that is in the large room.
- At the center of the western film set area you will find the chest at the ground level at the base of a big tree.
- There will be another chest at the southwest of the area. It will be on top of the fridge inside a wooden kitchen.

 There is a container at the southern edge of the area; there will be a chest inside it.
- The last chest of a western film set is in the pool to the east of the area. You will find it inside a small boat.
Eastern Film Set Area:
- Go behind the wall of the film set at the eastern side of the area and you will find a chest there. It will be on a wooden structure.
- If you go at the center of this part of the film set, there will be a chest that spawns on the raised platform near the base of the tree.

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