Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mac Charger Not Working? Check your display

If you're using a desktop Mac, it could be a problem with your display, rather than the Mac itself. Have a listen to your Mac to see if it's making any sounds during bootup.
It is possible that your Mac does turn on, but doesn't boot up because it can't access the display - if that's the case you are most likely having trouble with the display hardware (rather than a broader startup issue).

If you think it's a problem with your monitor, then take a look at this Apple Support document for advice on troubleshooting a non-working display. Apple advises that you:
  • Check the power supply to the Mac (and the power to the display if using a separate unit).
  • Confirm that all cables are connected securely.
  • Check that the monitor is compatible with your Mac.
  • Remove all display extenders and switches, and any other devices between the Mac and monitor.
  • Unplug the video cable (if using a separate monitor) and plug it back in.
  • If using more than one monitor in a 'daisy chain', unplug all monitors and test using just one.

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