Friday, October 26, 2018

Most Popular (NON BLOCKED) Torrent Sites in October 2018

You need a list of torrent sites that’s regularly updated and recommends trackers that actually work. Look no further – we have it right here for you.
Preparing a list like this is not an easy task when an excellent website can disappear virtually overnight. With so many changes and shutdowns in the past three years, and with so many mediocre sites full of malware, low-quality torrents, and even fake ones, you need a list of reliable torrent search engines.

Big names like ExtraTorrent, KickassTorrents, and TorrentProject are gone for good – some of them taken down by force, and others closing to avoid facing the pressure as the crackdown on torrent sites continues. But there’s more.
In many cases, famous torrent sites are outright blocked in certain countries. Google has taken steps to prevent users from accessing torrent trackers as well – examples include delisting some sites from search results and the Chrome Adblock issue.

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